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This page describes KLIC, which is a concurrent logic programming language.

KLIC was developed in ICOT and distributed as an IFS, and is now distributed by KLIC Association.

Please read the README file for details

Current version

Version 3.003 is the latest and is currently distributed from the following sites:
This distribution contains the following three implementations.

Unfortunately, the current shared memory parallel implementation still has fatal bugs. If you are using the old shared memory parallel implementation (previous version is 2.002), please do not replace it with the current version.

Available platforms

Version 3.003 runs on the following platforms (at least):

Sequential implementation
Parallel implementation

Parallel implementations

The following three types of distributed memory parallel implementation are prepared. You can select one of these versions during the configuration process.

In terms of the efficiency of the inter-processor communication, the "shm" version is the best and the "pvm" version is the worst. But "shm" is less portable, and is available only on the following platform. It may be troublesome to port it to other platforms (especially to other micro processors).

The "pvm" version is highly portable, so please try the "pvm" version at first if you want to use KLIC on a platform other than the platforms listed previously.


Changes between 3.003 and 3.002 are:


The reference manuals are included in the distribution of KLIC. And the separated tutorial document is provided as:
We are very sorry that some other documents are provided just in Japanese.

Mailing lists

We have two mailing lists.
Bug report

If you find problems or have comments, please e-mail to:

User's list

You can join the KLIC user's mailing list:

If you get KLIC system, please join this mailing list !

We'll announce information about new releases, bug fixes and so on via this user's list. To subscribe or unsubscribe this "klic-users" mailing list, please see

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