GXP Download and Installation

tar ball

  • get latest tar ball from sourceforge or use cvs (below)


  cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@gxp.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/gxp co gxp3


No compilation is necessary. Just add the top directory you obtained (gxp3 in the case of cvs/svn or gxp3.xx-yyyymmdd in the case of tarball. you are recommended to rename it to gxp3) to your PATH. e.g.,

 export PATH=/path/to/gxp3:$PATH

Or, make a simlink to top_directory/gxpc from any directory already in your path. e.g.,

 ln -s /path/to/gxp3/gxpc /usr/local/bin/gxpc

NOTE: cp does not work because gxpc could not guess where accompanying files are.



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