Welcome to Phoenix Project!

Phoenix Grid Computing and Tools Project seeks programming models and convenient tools suitable for Grid environment.

For programming models, we design a general message passing model called Phoenix. In this model, one can express a wide variety of parallel algorithms based on the familiar notion of message passing paradigm. At the same time, applications written in Phoenix can add and delete nodes from running applications. In addition implementation of Phoenix message passing system is ``Grid-Enabled'' in the sense that it works under typical network configurations of today, including firewalls, NAT, and DHCP.

For tools, we design several tools that support common operations that frequently occur when working in the Grid environment. Two such operations are job (command) submissions and file copy. They are simple operations, yet potentially become troublesome when the number of resources involved becomes large and distributed over many subnets. We aim at providing easy-to-install solutions to streamline our Grid operations.

Research Goals

Specific research goals include: